I Haven’t Disappeared

It’s been a while. I haven’t disappeared, I have just been flowing with the seasons I’ve been in.


It started with technical difficulties with my computer. I could barely type anything, I didn’t have a smart phone either which meant no messages, no social media, no blogging…eventually I couldn’t even log into my computer. I realize now though that this was my winter season. A season of quiet. I was no longer really connecting with anyone but my family. It was needed. It was peaceful. I loved it and I hated it… I had become so used to being able to just jump on the computer to get things done, and suddenly I had to just be…

This winter season I experienced in my life, made me feel like I was coming to the end of something. Which means the beginning of something new!


Soon after that winter season I entered spring. When I think of spring I think of new life, new beginnings, new adventures…. and for me, it was literally a time of new beginnings. New babies to be precise, and I was honoured to attend beautiful births!

I love birth! I live and breathe it! I love seeing families able to experience a birth they never thought was possible. One that is peaceful regardless of the outcome. A birth where specifically as a Christian doula I can be relying on God every step of the way, praying for my clients, and just enjoying what I do!

To top it all off, my beautiful friend Chantai (check her out here) nominated me for the Woman on Fire award! I wasn’t sure I would accept. My hubby and children all encouraged me to go for it. As I made the decision to go ahead, I realized that this is all part of the season. I believe this opportunity is going to breathe new life into everything I do! It’s all for a purpose!

What Else?

I am very focused on goal setting for each year. I will definitely write more about this. However, this year, I prayed about my goals. A lot of the time, when I just make my own goals, I don’t accomplish many of them.

I was fed up of looking at the pages in my old planners where I didn’t really accomplish most of the goals I set for myself. So instead I wrote down on a paper every single thing I wanted to accomplish. Then I prayed about it and broke my list down into smaller goals. Honestly, now when I look at this list, I have never seen things happening so quickly! God has been helping me reach my goals in extraordinary ways!

What about you? Are you flowing through some seasons right now? God works with times and seasons, so it is no surprise when you experience them. I think the difference in how you handle each season, is recognizing that you are in one. I didn’t realize it until I entered spring, and now I’m on the lookout for what’s in store for the rest of the year.

So no, I haven’t disappeared, I am still here. Moving and flowing with the seasons I am experiencing. I have so many exciting things coming up to share with you! Please continue to check out what I get up to on Instagram and Facebook!

Love you Naturally’s


I love birth! I live and breathe it! I love when women and their families are able to have a birth that they never even thought was possible. Informed. Making their own choices. Knowing they have choices! My spring (which I pray isn’t over yet) was full of fresh, beautiful things!

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