How to Homeschool

How to Homeschool

For some, the decision to homeschool is an easy one. For others it takes a lot of time and research. But once the decision is made the question usually becomes “How do I Homeschool?”

Facing Naysayers

For a start how do you respond to the people who do not agree with your decision? Opposition doesn’t just come from family members and friends. Sometimes it comes from complete strangers, who know nothing about you or your family.

When we made the decision to homeschool, I covered my homeschool in prayer. I asked God to help me be the teacher my children needed me to be. Prayed that  I would teach them what was important and asked God to help my children learn what they needed to learn. I then went forward with the plan, and thank God most of the naysayers are now YAYsayers! Nevertheless I still keep our school covered in prayer.

I don’t enter into  debates with people who don’t agree with our choice, I state the facts I know and  move on. I am confident in this decision (now) because I know I am doing what God has called me to do and I no longer feel the need to defend that.

Face your naysayers in your prayer closet and know God’s got your back.

Choosing Your Method

I recently wrote a post about how I choose curriculum. In this post I am talking more about your method.
There are so many ways to homeschool out there:

  • Charlotte  Mason
  • Literature Based
  • Heart of Wisdom
  • Child Directed
  • Unit Studies and the list goes on…

It can be quite overwhelming. But one thing I eventually realized is that deep down you know what you are looking for. If you have spent time in prayer you probably have a vision of what YOUR school should look like. Don’t think it has to look like public school- it doesn’t. It also doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s homeschool.

When I started I didn’t know anything except public school and coming from England, it’s a bit different from North America. So we had uniforms….. and desks…… And there were tears and tantrums. I felt guilty and lost. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Fear led me to a couple more years of ‘school at home’. Our current homeschool now reflects more what I knew I should have been doing since day one but was afraid to try.

Be True to You

Which leads me to my third point. Be true to you, and your family! Your goals are not my goals. Yes we may have some common ground but we are all unique and I really want to ENJOY my children’s company while I have them.
I am very academic in nature- I would rather do workbooks and read than take out paints, yet I have artistic children (isn’t that how it goes?) so I make sure I find ways to allow them to do art. Art camp, curriculum that includes art and art study. I love reading aloud so I find curriculum that gives me the opportunity to sit with all the children as I read. We find ways to be ourselves with our curriculum choices!

I  recently spoke with a friend whose family does not agree with her decision to homeschool. She was asking for my opinion. My opinion remains the same for her and for all who read my blog:

God gave you your children. You have to trust that with God’s help you will know what to do to provide for their needs! That could mean homeschool, that could mean public school, it could mean online schooling, workbooks, co-ops, literature or many other options. It’s time to stop listening to all the things that other people have to say about how to rise the children God gave you and start trusting God’s plan for them. 

I am personally a homeschooler through and through and I have strong reasons for this which I may talk about later. But what is God’s plan for YOUR family?

I leave you with that today and I pray this post has been freeing and a blessing to you!

How do you homeschool or plan to homeschool? Let me know in the comments below!Signature

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