How One Goal is Changing my Life


Lofty Goals

I decided many years ago to ditch New Years Resolutions. Why? Because let’s face it, you never get to the end of the year having accomplished that resolution. Instead, I choose a few goals I want to achieve, then I do an end of the month check in to see if I am any closer to reaching those goals. This blog has been one of the goals that I wanted to accomplish. However one goal in particular this year that is changing my life is to read 100 books….

Say What?

Ok, I know some people may be wondering how on earth I can find time to read 100 books in a year. Mother to 6, homeschooler, wife, cook…. In the past I made a Goodreads challenge to read 52 books and only got to 33…. so 100 is really pushing it. However I LOVE to challenge myself and I figured if I decided to read 100 I might actually get to my original goal of 52 books! 😉 lol!
However I DO find time, and it’s easier to find reading time than you think.

Finding the Time

This was an important goal to me, because of that I make the time. Reading is something I always loved but more than that it helps me to grow in knowledge of things that I love… birth, marriage, parenting and health. Things I blog about right here. You somehow find time for what’s truly important to you. Now some of the ways I find time you will find on my ‘How do I do it all’ posts. – here, here , here and here. Below you will see some other ways I make time.

How I Do It

  1. I use a Kindle- which I take with me EVERYWHERE I sneak in time to read while:
    – Waiting for my husband in the car
    – Waiting for an appointment
    – At church breastfeeding and I am unable to hear the message. In this circumstance I will always be reading a book that encourages me in faith
  2. When I am tempted to sit and watch 100 YouTube videos or movies (yes I still watch YouTube and movies but I choose reading first)
  3. Any time I have a spare moment-  the children are all occupied with school work, food is cooked, babies are down for their nap and I have 15 minutes to wind down before I have something else to do? I grab a book and get on with it.
  4. Last but not least on days when things are very peaceful I get some quiet time. I aim for an hour and even if I want a nap I usually read myself to sleep
  5. BONUS: I count read aloud books (chapter books only) as a book on my list!

All these small moments add up to a larger number of books than you think.

Life Changes

This goal has changed my life in so many ways. I have accumulated many books in many years that have just sat on my shelf or in my kindle and I am finding some gems which I plan to post reviews on as I go. I am learning a lot about myself and growing in faith and not just with non-fiction books!

Some books have encouraged me when I have been facing difficult seasons in life. Others have convicted me in areas where I could be doing better. This has been a goal that has surprised me and has been totally worth it!

What About You?

Have you made any goals at the beginning of the year that have surprised you, impacted your life or, blessed you as you go ahead and pursue them?

I would love to hear more about it!
And by the way… according to my Goodreads account I have only reached 29 books so far. (I have about 4 books to add to the list soon, which means I should definitely pass that 33 book limit I seem to get stuck at. We also as a family faced a very difficult season this year in which reading time was not at the top of my list. I may however reach 52 books after all! I will keep you updated!)

Please share any great books on faith, parenting, marriage, birth, etc… that you recommend. Also comment about your goals for this year below! I would love to hear from you!



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